Thoughts on North Korea

My sister and brother-in-law spent a few weeks in South Korea several years ago, and ever since my sister has taken a liking to the place and started to learn the language. I enjoy feeding off the energy others have for subjects that interest them, so over the past couple weeks I’ve been watching YouTube videos on North Korea and what’s going on there.

There seem to be rumblings that the regime will collapse before 2020. Even just this week China agreed to stop importing coal for three weeks in order to comply with one of the UN Resolutions that was passed. Who knows what that could do? The sanctions have only gotten tighter, and Kim has stopped granting the gifts he used to give.

I hope the regime does collapse, but I have one great fear that doesn’t seem to make it on any of the news websites, and I don’t understand why. If the regime falls, it will likely do what Hitler did and murder everyone in the prison camps. After all, that seems like something the current regime would do, but it also might be done to destroy evidence of all the atrocities that have occurred in those camps, which they adamantly deny.

Yeah, that scares me. Hopefully that does not happen, but I do hope the regime falls soon.